Future Medicine Education and Research Organization at Chiba University

SEED Development Support|Research Support

Future Medicine Education and Research Organization (FMERO) provides support for proactive development of your research SEED.
If you have a potential SEED for industry academia government collaboration, please feel free to contact our representatives listed below.

FMERO has a joint research agreement for comprehensive cooperation with Kazusa DNA Res. Inst. (KDRI). Under this agreement, you can utilize leading-edge genome analyzing instruments installed in the Department of Medicine, Chiba University, while working in close cooperation with researchers in the field of genomics and bioninformatics at KDRI. In particular, we are planning to offer analytical support for next generation sequencing (RNA sequencing, Exome sequencing, next generation sequencing library construction, sequencing run, and/or primary analyses of the obtained data.) If you have a SEED case that needs to be examined, please contact support representatives either at FMERO or at KDRI by email. We aim to achieve a novel development by collaborating with various research institutes in Chiba prefecture.

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