Future Medicine Education and Research Organization at Chiba University


Greetings from Future Medicine Education and Research Organization

As a future-oriented institution, Chiba University contributes to Japanese society by fostering human resources of excellence through creative educational and research activities. In particular, the Inohana campus, consisting of the Faculties of Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Nursing, and the University Hospital, nurtures many world-renowned researchers and medical professionals. Since the University was transformed into an independent administrative institution in 2004, members from all medical-related departments at the Inohana campus freely share their expertise to accelerate enhancement of human resource development both in education and research. In 2014, we established the "Future Medicine Education and Research Organization" to nurture creative "therapeutics" researchers and medical personnel who become world leaders with new perspectives. We define a new word, "innovative therapeutics", as the academic area aimed at the development of new comprehensive treatments and therapies.

The Future Medicine Education and Research Organization will bring together first-class faculty members and students from Japan and abroad to develop novel treatments or remedies through the collaboration of the industry, academia and government.  We also aim to train "therapeutics" researchers and medical professionals to play active roles on a global scale.

I sincerely hope you will energetically support the efforts of Chiba University and the Future Medicine Education and Research Organization.

Takeshi Tokuhisa,
President, Chiba University

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At the establishment of Future Medicine Education and Research Organization

Chiba University’s Inohana campus is an ideal environment to foster the next generation of medical professionals. The campus is comprised of several educational and research facilities such as Undergraduate and Graduate Schools of Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nursing, and University Hospital. The Inohana campus is where we launched initiatives to foster future medical researchers and to establish a center of therapeutics. Under the initiatives, we aim to develop medical professionals who can meet the needs of the next generation and to support safe and secure society where people can enjoy active and healthy longevity. The Future Medicine Education and Research Organization at Chiba University will play a leading role in creating a stimulating research environment where researchers and physicians can achieve economic self-reliance and enliven their research activities.

Therapeutics is an academic area where we identify the theoretical background of each treatment to study and practice the systematic development of novel therapies (Defined in the Grand Design of Future Vision 2012, Graduate School of Medicine and School of Medicine, Chiba University). The entire staff and students will unite and do our best to create the center of therapeutics on Inohana campus.

For me, "Therapeutics study" puts the treatment of patients first. We consult with patients, companies, and government to gain a better understanding their mindsets and medical needs. In addition it is essential to create an interdisciplinary collaborative research environment to facilitate the development of an internationally recognized education and research system by integrating state-of-the-art basic science and clinical practice. This will be an important model of medical research in the 21st century.

We appreciate your support and encouragement of the Future Medicine Education and Research Organization.

Director, Future Medicine Education and Research Organization at Chiba University
Toshinori Nakayama

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