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Establishing a system conducive to help the results of basic medical researches evolve into practical use and putting forth efforts in the management of intellectual property (IP) of such results have become important themes for any medical university or research institution. At Chiba University, in particular, these must be pursued and attained in order to take steps towards high-functionality and innovation creation on its Inohana Campus. To that end, with respect to any technology seeds in the medical, pharmaceutical or biotechnology areas, the Medical IP Strategy Team of the Future Medicine Education and Research Organization (FMERO) is to be responsible for the following matters regardless whether a technology seed is obtained from research conducted by the researchers of the university alone or from researches conducted jointly by the researchers of the university and by certain external institutions, entities, or companies:

On IP, Generally

Kenichi Osawa, Professor

Japanese Patent Attorney, US Attorney (NY, DC), received M.S. degree in biotechnology in Japan and Juris Doctor degree in U.S. He has served in this position since 2019. He has extensive experience in preparing and filing of patent applications, and rendering legal advice and opinions concerning patent strategies, technology licensing, the infringement of and the validity of patents.

Kazuhisa Tokugawa, Associate Professor

Patent Attorney, Ph.D. in Agriculture. He graduated M.S. program and devoted research and development work in a company and then joined in the intellectual property department. He has considerable experiences in patent practice and dispute related to biopharmaceuticals, acquisition of right and licensing negotiation at the cutting-edge technologies, industry-academia collaboration, and invention consultation and education in intellectual property. Prior to joining Chiba University in 2023, he worked at the Industry-Academia Collaboration Division of Tsukuba University and Tohoku University.

Naoya Sato, Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Medicine. After completing a master's degree, he worked for Japanese pharmaceutical company in drug discovery research in the therapeutic area of CNS, immunology and metabolic diseases. After that, he worked in a venture capital, investing in early-stage bio-ventures mainly in North America and Europe, and was then involved in business development department work such an in- and out-licensing, and alliances. His expertise is a medical biology, investment and licensing.

Junzo Koike, Associate Professor

Patent attorney, Ph.D. in Medicine. Completed graduate study program for M.S. Worked for a chemical/ pharmaceutical company in the capacity of researcher for 4 years. After that, pursued and completed graduate study program for Ph.D. Then, stepped into patent practice in biology, pharmaceutical and other broad fields at a prominent patent firm. In the present job since 2018. Areas of specialization include immunology, patent practice and patent law.

Jun Shimada, Research Fellow

After graduate school, she worked in research at a research institute and companies, and played a key role in an intellectual property education support project. Prior to joining the Chiba University in 2019, worked in a patent firm where she focuses on patent practices. She specializes on patent practice and patent law.

Clerical Assistant – 1

Business Matching

Osamu Ohara, Professor

Professor of FMERO, and Deputy Director of Kazusa DNA Research Institute. Areas of specialization are biophysics and molecular biology. PhD in Science (Biophysics), Kyoto University in 1983. Shionogi Pharmaceutical Research Center in 1983. Post-doc fellow under the mentorship of Walter Gilbert at Harvard University from 1986-1988, Laboratory head of DNA Technology in 1994, Deputy Director of Kazusa DNA Research Institute since 2009. Director of Laboratory for Integrative Genomics, RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Science since 2013.


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